Elomi – Molly Maternity Bra




Elomi Molly Maternity Bra – EL4542

Based on Elomi favourite Morgan, the Molly banded UW Nursing Bra features a three section cup with added side support for forward shape. Design details include a full circle sling for support whilst feeding, and a nursing clasp at the apex which is easy to release and fasten with one hand. The cup fabric is finished with FERAN® ICE which improves the moisture wicking properties of the fabric to keep you cool and dry too.

Colours: BLUSH | BLACK

Price: $89.95

Sizes: 14-22 F,FF     12-22G,GG    10-22H,HH    10-20J,JJ,K,KK



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10JJ, 10K, 12KK, 14KK, 16KK, 18K, 18KK, 20K, 20KK, 10H, 10HH, 10J, 12G, 12GG, 12H, 12HH, 12J, 12JJ, 12K, 14F, 14FF, 14G, 14GG, 14H, 14HH, 14J, 14JJ, 14K, 16F, 16FF, 16G, 16GG, 16H, 16HH, 16J, 16JJ, 16K, 18F, 18FF, 18G, 18GG, 18H, 18HH, 18J, 18JJ, 20F, 20FF, 20G, 20GG, 20H, 20HH, 20J, 20JJ, 22F, 22FF, 22G, 22GG, 22H, 22HH