Triumph – Embroidered Minimiser




Triumph Embroidered Minimiser- 085



Triumph Embroidered Minimiser

Triumph Embroidered Minimiser is one of our popular basic minimiser bras here at Bra Town.

  • Triumph’s renowned Embroidered Minimiser bra reduces the bust by up to one cup size and gives full cup support.
  • Firm, rigid fabric holds the bust in place and gives maximum support.
  • Shoulder strap width is papered to firmly hold the bust and provide optimal support up to a G Cup.
  • Floral top gives a feminine appeal.
  • Wide side band gives great support and smooth appearance under clothing.
  • COLOURS:      Fawn, Black

  • SIZES:   12-20 D,DD,E,F,G

  • PRICE:    $59.95