No need to travel to Perth for your Post Surgery Bras. At Bra Town we offer the service of fitting you for your Post surgery bra before you head in for Breast Surgery. At this appointment we will discuss your surgery and your doctors predicted outcomes, we will work together to ultimately get the most practical fit, as there are a number of factors to consider like swelling and scars. We offer a private fitting room and expert advice. This is why it is important to make sure you book an appointment for this service. We are making sure we have enough team members on board for one of them to be off the shop floor. Breast Surgeries include: Augmentation |Reduction | Reconstruction | Mastectomy | Lumpectomy and other breast surgeries.

Marena Post Surgery Bra B01G
Marena Flex Fit Post Surgery Bra – B01G

Marena FlexFit Is our Brand of choice for after Breast Surgery – Surgically recommended by Breast Surgeons.

Please make an appointment for any post surgery Prostheses fittings. As our post surgery room offers privacy and respect, we like to make sure we have enough team members on the shop floor. 

Please phone: 9529 4969