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Please make an appointment for any post surgery Prostheses fittings. As our post surgery room offers privacy and respect, we like to make sure we have enough team members on the shop floor. 

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Amica Supersoft 1151X

  • Can be used on both sides
  • Exceptionally soft to the touch thanks to velvety, smooth film combined with an even more supple SuperSoft silicone
  • Patented Flex-Gap technology for natural movement and shaping of the breast form when lying down.

Velvety – 1066X

Smooth like my skin

  1. Can be worn in different ways
  2. Soft Touch
  3. improved fit
  4. Soft, structured back

A prosthesis for all situations – discover the new Velvety by Anita care.

How to care for breast prostheses quickly and easily

Proper cleaning of your Anita breast prostheses and compensatory cups is incredibly easy and quick:

Wash the prosthesis by hand every day using liquid soap or a mild detergent and dry it with a towel. In order to speed up the drying time of prostheses with a microfibre back, you can dab the prosthesis’ back with a paper tissue or kitchen towel.

Never use aggressive detergents that contain solvents, or sharp or pointed objects.

The following applies to adhesive prostheses:

Cleaning with pH-neutral liquid soap and water will suffice; don’t use fabric or paper towels for drying to prevent residue on the adhesive surfaces.

Post Surgery Bras

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